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During our last visit in Hong Kong, not only did we take a lot of awesome pictures, but we also made a video which was shot a few hours before our flight to Tokyo.

The venue is the very heart of Hong Kong, a skyscraper with a huge billboard. Thanks to the guys: Nikolai Zheludovich (Vimeo), Arseni Khachaturan and Lau Fat Hing Hercules.

The main thing that makes foreigners look for a bride from Russia is family values that all Russian women share.

They have traditional views on family life and the roles of a husband and wife in it.

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Find out more… It was the first official government website (although I really don’t like the term “government website”) to receive good feedback from the professional community, including and it turned out to be the second well-received project for Russian e-government.In fact, for over 80% of all projects within the e-government we used a similar approach and vision, which is why when was launched, we started thinking about the strategy of standardizing and unifying the experience across all government websites that we were working on.We talked about the design process, the challenges and constraints, creative front-end solutions, as well as unusual budgets and stakeholders. Working with a government entity isn’t that different from working with a commercial client. The stakeholders have trusted project managers and designers, and try their best to make the final result as good as possible. Around 2008, the press office of the Russian administration sent out a brief to companies working on information design on the web, requesting designs for the president’s website.I had a lot of time back then, so I came up with a design and submitted it.

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