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Suggestions may be made via the Javamex blog (see the site's front page for details). I know there is similar bug reported for Number Field/Spinner Field, but it seems there is a bug on Text Field and on all widgets inherited from Cell Component.Subclasses and their Cell instances need to make sure to support this, by exposing a correct input element (Value Base Input El or Value Base Field Input Element), the currently displayed value (.Value Base Text), or directly through Value Base Value Or Throw or Value Base Current Value. The problem is that I'm not the one calling the get Value method...instead, the validators are doing it, like in the example I posted above.So, supposing we have a button that launches a series of database queries.We dutifully start up a new thread so that our queries won't block the user interface: That was the easy bit.Anyway, I did come up with a version that works, but I went about it by changing the Double objects in Drawing Canvas to primatives, then using some ugly code in the Slider Listener to see which JSlider was changing, then updating the value in canvas directly. The class Double is an immutable wrapper so when you write value = Double.value Of(s Value); in Slider Listener, you're making the variable point to a new object but those in Drawing Canvas still point to the old object.

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) Right, sorry, I should have read your post in more depth.

Instead, if you want the instantaneous value while editing is still occurring, try get Current Value, available on any Value Base Field subclass, including Text Field.

It will read the contents of the dom, avoiding the cell entirely, and parse the value and return it to you.

I've got a question for all you Java programmers: I was given some Java code as part of an assignment, and I'm supposed to input the code with my line-drawing algorithm and make the thing run. Anyway, the project we're building has a set of JSlider objects to manipulate the input values to out line-drawing method.

So, this is my first real attempt at serious programming in Java (I come from a C background, mostly, but I am well versed in several other languages).

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