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Ward's biographer, Richard Davenport-Hines, has pointed out: "He qualified in osteopathy at Kirksville, Missouri (1934–9), which entitled him to practise as a physician in the USA; he henceforth used the prefix of doctor, but had no British medical qualifications." The following year he volunteered for the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) but was rejected as they did not recognise his American qualifications.

He therefore joined the Royal Armoured Corps at Bovington.

His father wanted him to go to university but at 17 moved to London instead. In 1929 he moved to Hamburg and was employed as a translator in the German branch of Shell and as a a Parisian tourist guide while studying at the Sorbonne (1930–1932).

In 1932 Ward returned to London where he sold chests of Indian tea and subscriptions to the magazine.

MI6, who provided prostitutes for foreign visitors, became aware of the activities of Stephan Ward.

One officer admitted: "We learned that Ward wasn't that interested in participating in sex.

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I knew that when I was with him I was in the presence of greatness, and my encounter with him was certainly the most important meeting of my life." After the Second World War Ward worked for the Osteopathic Association Clinic in Dorset Square. It was not long before other famous people such as Winston Churchill, Duncan Sandys, Feliks Topolski, Ava Gardner, Mary Martin and Mel Ferrer became his patients.

My case officer assigned me to get in with Lewis, and I did, by pretending I wanted an interview for the paper or something.

Soon I was going nightclubbing with him - we went to a place called Eve's quite a lot. And I got in with him to the extent that I was helping him to plan his anti-Ward campaign, but in such a way as to make sure it didn't come off....

Ward was soon treating officers for muscle injuries and back trouble.

An extremely talented osteopath, he was eventually commissioned as an officer in the RAMC. Later that year he treated Gandhi for headaches and a stiff neck.

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