Sirius radio updating stuck

Sometimes the touch screen moves at such a slower rate that it causes the system to slow down or “freeze.” A “freeze” results in a black screen as the system tries to self-reboot.This is why the manual “reboot” with the battery cable helps.By the 2014 Model Year it is also in the F-150, the Super Duties, C-Max, Mustang, Fusion, and Taurus.The Sync system uses Bluetooth to allow your phone to “project” its functions through the vehicle.The alternate “Reboot” Procedure: As described in many online Forums, this process calls for you to turn off the vehicle, find the fuse box, and (refer to the manual please) remove the fuse for the My Ford Touch/Sync system, and, after a short while, replace the fuse, close up the fuse box and restart the vehicle.I would check with the com website before attempting this procedure.With your vehicle on and running (in park), go to the Settings tab (in the Phone corner of the My Ford Touch). On the next page, tap the phone tab (usually shows the model number of the phone or the name you have given your phone). Let the vehicle run for at least four or five minutes.

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The “Reboot” Procedure: First, go to your phone’s Settings, to Bluetooth Settings, and delete Sync from the list of connected devices.

The Sync system will display a 6-digit PIN number when it begins “searching” for your phone.

When your phone “recognizes” Sync, the it will show Sync Not Connected in your list of trusted devices.

Now you can tap the Pair Phone” tab and pair your phone.

Be sure the Bluetooth Setting is turned on your phone.

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