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In 1964, Xaltocán became a parish and in 1976, this church became the official parish church.

The main celebration of the church is to an image of the Virgin Mary, which is said to have miraculously appeared in the pen of a turkey kept by an old woman.

As the lake dried, the bridge became road, and it was called the Puente de Axomulco in the colonial era.

It received its current name in the 1970s to honor a delegate of the borough.

There is also a “Tiangus de Comida” or market filled with food stalls.This center underwent renovations in 2002 at a cost of sixty million pesos.Drainage and sidewalks were improved and security cameras installed.Xaltocán began as a ranch or hacienda that belonged to the indigenous caciques.It was later donated to the San Bernardino de Siena monastery.

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