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By day she works as a waitress and thre"Charming" , is a delightful, modern day play on Cinderella.By day she works as a waitress and three nights a week she works from home You could say using her acting skills aquired in high school by role playing over the phone for a company called Sultry plying such as the naughty nurse , the cheerleader, the submissive.In a bit f a twist n the story though Autumn does not have an evil stepmother or step- sisters, just one younger sister she is left to care for after her mother's death.Having to take over the care of her younger sister just barely out of high school herslf Autumn has struggled working to jobs.This may not be the way Ford wanted to meet Autum for the first time but having her rush into his arms when he introduces himself is more than worth it.

Had a lot of layers to this story that I think readers will enjoy. This was a 4 possible 5 star book until the ending dragged it down to 3. It was as if the writer as in a rush to finish and just wrote some sappy crappy ending to get it done.

Autumn has no clue who Ford really is , that he is the CEO of ahuge corporation Davenport Industries, but Ford coming into her life brings changes and oppurtunities for her and her sister Cara.

Will secrets , however be the end of the fairytale romance or will a happy ending be in the picture for Autumn and this Charming man?

Autumn is forced to take alarmed leap of trust and provide her address so Ford can call the police for her while she hides.

While she is hiding waiting on the police , Ford is rushing to get to her side also.

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