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Hopefully Dozer’s lawyer won’t be too upset that his client is behaving so brazenly on social media, because after all, what else is there to do while waiting to go on trial for raping a 14-year-old boy than post nude pics of yourself on Twitter? AND: Here are some people who responded to Mike Dozer’s UPDATE: Late last night, Dozer (or someone speaking on behalf of him, since the tweets are all in 3rd person) took to Twitter again and announced that separate federal charges have been filed against him.

In the apartment, he sheepishly covers his penis while trying and failing to make small talk over wine and canapés, utterly perplexed by the fact that he has for some reason agreed to get naked in his underling’s living room.Oh, and if any of you have money, Mike Dozer would like some.has apparently moved to the dark web after being denied domain registration from Google and Go Daddy.While a more traditional film about an uptight daughter and her freewheeling father might instead culminate with an argument and a maudlin display of reconciliation, Toni Erdmann’s climax, which involves some truly uncomfortable displays of nudity, is far hairier.Exhausted by the demands of her job and her father’s pranks, Ines reaches an emotional breaking point while hosting an extravagantly catered birthday brunch for herself.

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