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When I try and do this I get an error "error validating default value for column". I imagine that by now you already have a solution, but I'm posting for the benefit of the next person to come across it.

When I do changes in a table which has a field with default value: newsequentialid() I get the following error: Error validating the default for column ' Prim Key' Prim Key is the field that has newsequentialid() as default.

More details about the problem in my MSDN's blog at I added a brand new uniqueidentifier column to an existing table and set the default as newsequentialid().After other fields were adjusted and I tried to save changes, I was greeted with another message: “Warnings were encountered during pre-save validation process, and might result in failure during save. currently our database uses quite a feq guid's with a default value of newid(), I would like to change the default value in management studio for our guids to NEWSEQUENTIALID(). When you try and save the table, you'll get a pre-save validation warning (and you choose Yes to indicate you want to attempt to save). ---------------------------Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio---------------------------Error validating the default for column 'Name Guid'. It succeeded without errors; however, when I reentered the design view and tried to set the column as a 'unique key' index, upon saving the table I got the message: "Error validating the default for column XYZ. ", exactly as described here: There is no reason why I shouldn't be able to call "select newsequentialid()" just as I can call "select newid()".No one seems to understand why this restriction is in place, and why we have to resort to using temporary table just to acquire a new sequential id.

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