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It really depends on the individual, the experiences they had as well as whether they were positive or negative, what exactly they got out of the experiences if anything, and their specific emotional needs or desires. She was also rather short, which made it easier to tie her up. We tied her to an office chair I sat at when I did homework. The tape we used was masking tape and didn't work very well the first time. A man breaks into the hourse, ties up the wife and claims her husband hired him to kill her, but for some reason he tired he too a chair and spent the movie talking to her, judging by the credits. After wrapping her torso we try to the tear the tape but can't and just get it tangled a little. I like not being in control and being at the mercy of my (trusted) friend(s) and when in that position I dont have a care in the world. There was this challenge where two people had thier hands duct taped behind them and their feet taped together also. I've never been tied with duct tape or seen it done before.Some people with very complicated lives have reported feeling a "Zen-like" feeling when tied up and helpless..those were reported by adults. By now my brother had accumulated a very nice collection of climbing rope of different colors. At some point, Jen says "That's what the boys did to me! My bro and I are in the basement watching TV when Jen comes down. He's about to tackle her too but I tell him to get the tape. Jen scolds us for this failure and my bro exlains that I'm the one doing the ripping. Now its not a sexual experience for me but I would not mind if it became that way. It looks like it would be really sticky :) but I think I would like the feeling of being taped up like that.In case you don't know, an au paire is a woman age 18-25 about who comes to the USA (or from the USA to Europe) from Europe to work as a nanny to a host family for about nine months. We wrapped rope around her upper body, tied her hands behind her back, tied her ankles and gagged her with a bandana. This time the rope was a very long set of pink nylon climbing rope he played with. I can't remember how we secured her very vividly (my more recent stories will are much clearer. anyway, she came up from florida for a weekend, i hadn't seen her in over a year.I had four au paires and got to tie up 3 with help from my little brother. The first time Mom left Sandy in charge we tied her up. For a few minutes she sat on the foot of my bed with us watching her. We tied her up with it much the same way we got her last time. I promise.) At first I just stuck a loose piece of rope in mouth. we went to the boardwalk ( i live in nj so it's where they have arcades and games along the beach) so we were there for awhile blah blah blah.Some kids may see someone people tied up on TV and may be curious to know what they feels like, to try to experience it. " and knocking every piece off the board."Now you're my prisoner! I got a tow gun (ironically, a toy shaped like a submachine gun, not an uzi though) and told her to stay put. She's just sitting there, hand at her sides and cleave gagged."We'll see" I said with all the honesty of a politician. She said if anyone from my family is ever in her town in France we should stay with her family.

Minutes later, I heard 2 pairs of footsteps and heard the voices going whered they go? I desparately wanted to mmmppphhh or bang the door but C and O, sensing my thoughts covered my mouth and grabbed my hands. As he reached the side room, C and O shot out and had him tied and gagged in a matter of seconds and threw him on the ground. I think the most elaborate way I have been tied up was on my bed, with my back against my headboard. She cleared a pile of junk to uncover a trap door (wow I thought. O dropped in right behind me and then C was able to get some junk back on it before she closed the door. My heart sank as I heard P calling Js name and coming to look for him. He silently crept up the stairs and then bolted out the door. We grabbed all the ropes and ran back to Ps room and locked the door. exclaimed JWell, no, he does NOT tie my elbows together. C unbound me from the chair and I was forced into the area. C and O recited that their plan now was to wait for P to come and look for J and then C and O would overpower him and have all 3 of us hostage. James, who had the handkerchief that I had earlier slipped it off and said You wont get away with this! P, who had been ignored this whole time had managed to slip his bonds off. About ten seconds later, P bolted back down and untied J and I.To finish I would use a feather and then torture your soles by firmly tickling them with my fingers until you could take no more!! O was a crafty girl (as in did many craft type things) who I had a crush on while C was a cowgirl. C took some of her lasso rope (from being a cowgirl, remember? Their lock can be unlocked with a paper clip in that little hole! They carried me over to the center of the room where there was a pole. She came back out with a chair and left it beside me. If not, C and I will move you here when she comes back. I feel that it adds to the helplessness to be just tied up very casually in your clothes, lol. Well once, in a VERY tight hogitie , lol , just to see what I enjoyed so much about it. Till the next time, observer 2Well two other people have done it so why shouldn't I? I'm 18 years old and love to be tied up really tight with anything.P, J and I decided to bug them and annoy them while they were in their room. C and O looked very annoyed and asked us to get out. ) and bound my wrists together behind the back of the chair. My hands were unbound, but held together by O and then rebound by C around the pole. Wow, that tape looks uncomfortable said O after about a minute. A few minutes later, C came back with neither P or J but said they had figured out that we had gone out the window, but couldnt figure out where. I was handgagged by O and subsequently gagged with a hankerchief. Althought I prefer duct tape I also like being bound with ropes and handcuffs.

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