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The mourning period wanes and people wait for Easter Sunday, which is the day when Jesus was resurrected.

Many Greek Orthodox Christians also believe in the Holy Fire, which they say is a miracle that occurs at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Holy Saturday every year.

Congregation numbers have grown in these churches due to immigration.

Many Orthodox Christians in the United Kingdom are immigrants or descendents of immigrants from countries such as Greece, Romania and Russia.

Holy Saturday is part of Holy Week, which is a special fast in honor of Jesus Christ’s Passion. The Christian Orthodox date for Holy Saturday is not a bank holiday in the United Kingdom.

Activities may include fireworks, large meals and music entertainment.

Some churches hold Orthodox New Year events such as parties or dinners.

It is believed that Greek immigrants started arriving in London during the late 17th century.

The United Kingdom experienced a surge of immigrants, especially from Greece and Russia, during the 20th century.

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