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One woman can be repeatedly heard telling the surviving girl to remain laying down, so that she doesn’t hurt herself some more, assuring her that an ambulance is on its way.At around the 30 minutes mark, a presumed cop takes the streaming phone out of the car and walks it over I presume to his squad car, where it continues to roll on until possibly the battery dies.Props to Best Gore member @Appledictic Principles for the video.This is the full version of the video, which goes on for over 40 minutes. Felipe Calderon, president of Mexico from 2006-2012, brought a pointed message to Sarasota Wednesday when he spoke at the Ringling College Library Association Town Hall lecture series: Mexico is not the enemy of the United States, and the two countries should work together to be, not only neighbors, but allies.“If not,” he said at a press conference before the morning talk, “we will suffer in Mexico, but the American people will suffer as well.“When President Trump says, ‘Buy American,’ we do—believe that,” he said, remarking that Mexico buys more American goods than China, Japan and the U. One in four tourists to the United States is Mexican, according to the U. Department of Commerce, to the tune of 18 million visitors a year (435,000 visits to Florida alone, at an economic impact of 1 million). builds walls.” “We the Mexicans are not the enemy of the United States.

At one point in the race, Felipe said she almost passed out due to dehydration.I say, yeah, but be yourself, here’s an application We got in the car on the floor, I put dat mouth an shit Took off d seatbelt, ova my pants Pulled it out, it’s d devil on d dick, woooo![Chorus:] I'm the devil on the dick [x4] I’m-I’m-I’m-I’m the devil on the dick Devil, the devil, I’m the devil on the dick Dev-dev-devil, I’m the devil on the dick De-de-de-de-devil, I’m the devil on the dick [Verse 2:] Start callin names again, it's all a game to him they all ashamed of him We all fake raps on a call d game again Send me fuckin home, d ball an chain again There she lay, then she say, “damn, Cam you’re not at all the same man since” She titanium, gave me cranium, nimble on the dick, female demon Grabbed d head made it hard to breathe, she choked, then spit, then goggle me That act for hair money, said here, honey Here's yo shampoo, wash yo weave By the way, that's sold by Ju Ju Love how we mix d old wit d new new My partner Chico, I play Rico, but I'm on like Lulu (Now turn it up!"Yung mga dinadaanaan naming tubig, hanggang baywang ko, 'yung mga kalaban ko hanggang binti lang nila.Thankfully, nakayanan ko 'yung challenge (We had to wade through waist-deep water.

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