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Makatang Kiko, Philippines.-----I've been receiving alot of submissions of Tanaga, but not much yet in the foreign tongue.So far, I have got just got one Tanaga from France.Posts in this website have created many lives out of the Tanaga.Unlike what is said in the poem above, the real Tanaga does not dread coming out.That life that I talk about in this piece is something that I discover with every new Tanaga that is submitted to this site.As I am yet learning the intricacies of the craft and the many different ways that it can be most beautiful, I expect more of this magic to be revealed to me in time.

As I blog and read the many submissions for new Tanagas, I can't help but relate well to this piece.

As the above poem says (Apologies to Angelo A for the rough translation): Incidentally, she makes it a point that it is mentioned that she's not gay, whatever her intention is.

Interestingly, The makabagong tanaga, had become a more open form, and no longer a limiting art. While the Haiku, and the Japanese Tanka have been admittedly more popular, the same can be said of the Tanaga: Until it is used more in a non-ethnocentric form by the use of foreign languages and thus appreciated as an art form, it will not be as popular.

Ga’no mo man kamahal Ang lupaing tinamnan Sa ibang lupang banal Tingin duo’y putikan III.

Ihambing mo sa hangin Ang sipol mong mumunti Lapatan man ng awit Masahol pa sa pipit IV.

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