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Where no specific title was given for a work (such as notes presented at meetings), a title derived as close as possible to the note presented is provided in square brackets. Additional information, such as series number or name, is given in parentheses but not italicized. Volume numbers are given in Arabic numbers in boldface, irrespective of whether or not Roman numerals were used in the work cited. Pagination is given for the entire article except in those cases where the article has been published at different times due to separate issues. New phlebotomine flies from Burmese amber (Diptera: Psychodidae: Phlebotominae). [after 1 April] [Date of acceptance of final version.] 1916. Books: Single-volume books are cited with title (italicized), publisher (if known), place(s) of publication, and pagination (Roman and Arabic as appropriate). New or little-known crane-flies from the United States and Canada: Tipulidae, Ptychopteridae, Diptera. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia 68: 486–549. In cases where more than one article was published by an author(s) in a particular year, a suffix letter supersedes the year (letters listed alphabetically according to publication chronology). Authors’ names: Names of authors are cited in the bibliography the same as they are in the text for proper association of literature citations with entries in the catalog. C.; those marked with three asterisks (***) are dated from library receipts at the Bishop Museum, Honolulu. [September]Notes on the tropical American species of Tipulidae (Diptera). The primitive Eriopterini: Sigmatomera, Trentepohlia, Gnophomyia, Neognophomyia, Gonomyia and allies.

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Continuously paginated multi-volume works are listed singly for as many parts (or volumes) as were published in a single year (only if separate issue dates are not known). Jent & Gassmann, Soloduri [= Solothurn, Switzerland].

Titles: Titles of articles in journals and books is given in full including secondary titles.

Titles are given as on the title page of the original work (in cases where titles on wrappers, covers, and tables of contents may vary somewhat).

Where no accurate date of publication other than the year could be obtained, the date “31 December ” is given to distinguish it from published dates of 31 December. Hull, Fossil insects from the Creede formation, Colorado.

Where only a month could be found, the last day of that month should be used as the minimum date of publication.

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