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He told Rogan: "I get the impression you feel you can talk your way out of everything.

would not continue to write for the broadsheet’s website after a storm of reaction to his opening salvo, which attracted around 800 comments following publication on Thursday.

Angela Rogan redeemed vouchers several times when they should only have been used once.

She told police she did not believe this was dishonest and claimed she was "simply taking advantage of a flaw".

Referring to this as "the card in play", Judge Meehan remarked: "There is something exasperating about a woman who brings her children to court when she is to be sentenced for her persistent criminal offending career." Rogan was jailed for three months and ordered to pay fines totalling £400.

She attempted to speak out from the dock but Judge Meehan silenced her.

“This ghastly little man”, was one of the kinder comments.“It beggars belief they would even consider the man,” Margaret Aspinall, chair of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, told the Liverpool Echo.“The timing with the upcoming anniversary was an absolute disgrace.” will be anxious that its writers do not regard Mac Kenzie’s disappearance from the site as evidence that all their jobs are vulnerable to a backlash of online criticism.

The paper recently stood by controversial writer James Delingpole after he apologised for crude sexual comments made about the journalist Suzanne Moore, despite a campaign for Delingpole to be sacked.

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For years he refused to apologise for The Sun’s notorious front page headline, “The Truth”, blaming Liverpool supporters for the deaths of 96 of their fellow fans.The offences occurred on September 21, 2013 when she handed over coupons ranging from £3 to £5 each.These were used as part-payments for various goods including cosmetics, nappies and washing powder.It is understood that despite the star billing this week, Mac Kenzie was not considered suitable for writing in the print edition of the and that he did not have a formal contract.But the sacking will have come as a surprise to Mackenzie himself.

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