Danny bonaduce dating amy

Bonaduce recently treated Railsback to a vacation in Hawaii, but she was left stunned when he revealed they were actually in Maui to wed in a surprise sunset ceremony.The couple became man and wife on 22 November (10), reports the National Enquirer.The former child actor ("The Partridge Family") and pumped up reality TV subject ("Breaking Bonaduce") married girlfriend Amy Railsback on Nov. Bonaduce, 51, and his bride -- a 28-year-old former substitute teacher who is now his manager -- sealed their love with a 0 "sterling silver diamond crusted skull and crossbones" wedding ring.But, fear not, Bonaduce also gave Railsback a more run-of-the-mill diamond ring in a white gold setting.About the wedding she Railsback said, “I have no idea.I’d want a smaller ceremony and I’d invite my closest family friends, and of course his family and siblings.

For Hollywood A-listers who can command salaries of several million dollars per movie that may not seem like a huge purse, but Damon Feldman of the Hollywood Boxing Federation is counting on the actors' sense of generosity: all the money would go to their favourite charities.And now Danny, 57, has revealed just how unwell his 66-year-old former co-star is, telling Today Extra hosts David Campbell and Sonia Kruger the brain disease could have potentially fatal consequences.'My friend David Cassidy, as I guess you're hearing, is not well,' Danny said.'He is slipping into dementia which he said he expected.His mum died of dementia [and] I believe his grandfather the same.'The poor guy must be terrified.'Danny told the hosts of the Channel Nine morning show that David had gone to ground since he received the diagnosis.A boxing promoter is offering a cool million to both Mark Wahlberg and Will Smith for a three-round match.The Hollywood Boxing Federation — which has featured matches with celebs Michael Lohan (Lindsay Lohan's crazy dad) and Danny Bonaduce — has offered the actors, who have both portrayed boxers in film, a cash donation to their favorite charities in exchange for the event.

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