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Although the images involved in sexting are usually vastly different from child pornography, some law enforcement officials have indicated that sexting violates child pornography laws because the sexting usually involves a sexual picture of minor.

As a result, the person sending the sexually explicit message could be charged with distributing child pornography in some states.

Victims are harassed and tormented by comments, snide remarks and derogatory names.

Many times, rumors and gossip also circulate with the photos.

Others engage in sexting to appease a dating partner.

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Stress that digital etiquette extends to email, text messaging, video chatting and social networking.

Sexting also can result in unwelcome sexual solicitations, sexual assault and even violence.

Once the photos begin to circulate there is no controlling who will see them.

But sometimes being "always connected," also can prove disastrous.

Sexting is an example of how one click or one snap can come back to haunt teens.

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