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Born in a wee bit muirland cottar hoosie in the midst o' a wilderness o' whuns an' heather, brocht up in the society o' rural nymphs an' swains, an' bred to the impoetical, yet withal ancient an' honourable occupation o' a tailor, whereby I've earned my bite an' soup, for the fecj: o' half-a l OSFOBTUNES.

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Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. The kirsenin' feast was an affair o' great sumptuosity.

Next forenoon I was daikered oot in my whites, an' delivered into the custody o' my auntie Chirstie.

As for the worthy divine, he firmly believed till his deein' day, that the hai U affair had arisen oot o' a natural misunderstandin' o' a figure o' speech; but it mauna be supposed that a laird o' Buttonhole could be sae great an ignoramus as no to ken the rationa Uty o' what the venerable catechist was drivin* at, when he startit the tarragation anent baptism. my certie, brawlie did he ken ; but bein' a rulin' elder, he thocht that his orthodoxy micht hae been tane on credit, withoot the needcessity o' an appeal to the Single Carritches, as if he had been naething better nor wiser than a bit hafflin prentice laddie, an', there- fore, he resolved to hae a Shirramuir on the head o't, sin' better couldna be.

After seein' that I possessed the statu- tory number o' fingers an' taes, that my arms an' legs had a* the articulations usually pertainin' thereimto, that my lugs were o' the orthodox longitude an' fixed in their proper situ- ations, he at last arrived at my physog — a wee bit red frontis- piece it was too — ^in size an' complexion, no that unlike the dial o' an auld-fashioned Pinchbeck watch.

* When as yet I had been less than four an' twenty oors 4' the warld, my faither, takin' me gently into his arms, an' slippin' oot bye to the licht, put me through sundry facin'Sj wi* the view o' couvincin* himser that a' my physical organi- sation was in guid workin' trim — a point whereon he was as yet no juist a' thegither satisfied in his ain mind, though Mrs Williamson had made herafl Fadavie on the subject, in a manner that left nae room whatsomever to doot the perfection o' my corporeal structure.

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