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Respondents aged 18-24 who had ever met a partner through the Internet reported having found an average of nearly 10 partners that way, including seven in the last year alone.

Older men and women, by contrast, said that they had met 14 partners on-line, six of them in the previous year.

Sexual behaviors differed by respondents' age, and results varied somewhat depending on how they had met their partners.

Young adults had found significantly fewer partners off-line than had older respondents (15 vs.

63%) and less likely to use Internet dating services (1% vs. Before actually meeting a new contact, young adults were more likely than older men and women to exchange addresses with the person (45% vs. Significantly higher proportions of 18-24-year-olds than of older survey participants reported that their first meeting with a partner they had met on-line took place in the partner's home, a park or another outdoor place, or a restroom; younger people were less likely than others to say that condoms were available at the place where they last had a sexual encounter.

In both age-groups, about two-thirds of respondents said that partners they had met through the Internet had lied about their age, and two in five said that such partners had lied about their marital status.

Although the survey was intended to include only individuals aged 18 and older, the investigators acknowledge that it is impossible to verify participants' ages.

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The reported number of partners found on-line was essentially the same for young adults and older respondents.

Young adults were less likely than older respondents to have discussed HIV or other STDs with partners (64-65% vs. A final set of comparisons between 18-24-year-olds and older respondents who had ever met a partner on-line examined behaviors related to safety issues other than sexual risk.

According to these results, young adults were more likely than older respondents to use chat rooms (69% vs.

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